TFA Partnership

We know you — and know some kids that need you

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You recognized something about yourself even before you finished school: that you have a need to change the world

And TFA became the movement for you to do big things in education. If you still have that drive and passion, Project L.I.F.T. is the perfect place for you to continue your mission. Our schools and students need your level of excellence and talent — simply good is not good enough. To help kids overcome obstacles and challenges that can seriously hamper their education, transformative people are needed to transform schools. It’s a tall order, and that’s why we’re looking for the best: you.

L.I.F.T. is aligned with the things you value

  • Mission Driven
  • Collaborative Community
  • Data Driven Instruction
  • Professional Learning
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • One Day

Project L.I.F.T. was created by philanthropic leaders, the community, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to ensure success for students in nine historically under-performing schools in west Charlotte. We developed a “theory of action” that the collective impact of Talent, Time, Technology and Community Engagement would close the current achievement gap and bring sustainable change. Project L.I.F.T. has worked with numerous partners that specialize in each of these four strategic pillars to reach our goals. Because of a fantastic mission alignment between TFA and Project L.I.F.T., TFA has been a critical talent partner since our inception, providing more than 60 TFA corps members and alumni to our schools.

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