Recruitment FAQs

Can I earn more working in a Project L.I.F.T. school than a non-L.I.F.T. CMS school?

Project L.I.F.T. teachers operate on the same salary schedule as CMS teachers in other learning communities. However, Project L.I.F.T. does offer more opportunities for teachers to earn bonuses. Two of our schools, Druid Hills and Thomasboro Academies, have 16 additional days in their school calendar for which teachers receive extra compensation.

What does L.I.F.T. look for in a teacher?

We look for passionate educators who are driven to closing the achievement gap and want to make a dramatic difference in lives of our children. We value teamwork, persistence, a strong growth mindset and the desire improve as an educator.

What is different about Project L.I.F.T.?

Our staff is mission-driven and passionate about the work we do every day. We work very hard, but we have a lot of fun and everyone finds it extremely rewarding. The contributions of our generous supporters make it possible for Project L.I.F.T. to provide extra resources to make teachers and students successful.

How does hiring work at a Project L.I.F.T. school?

We believe hiring the right person is critical to our success. Once you submit your resume online you may be asked to take an online interview or attend a meet-and-greet. Ultimately, the principal of the specific school will make a recommendation for employment. The last step is accepting the official offer from CMS. After the onboarding process, you will become an official member of the Project L.I.F.T. team.

Should I submit my resume to the CMS website as well as the Project L.I.F.T. website?

Yes. The Project L.I.F.T. website is the most direct way to express interest in working with us. However, it is helpful to apply to the CMS website as well. If you accept a position from one of our principals, you must have a CMS application on file.

Are Project L.I.F.T. employees also CMS employees?

We are CMS employees working in the Project L.I.F.T. learning community. Teachers and school staff often remark that Project L.I.F.T. feels like a special family, but ultimately, we all are a part of CMS.

Do I have to hold a license to teach in Project L.I.F.T.?

Yes. We follow same licensure requirements as CMS.

Are there bonuses available?

Yes. We do offer a small number of recruitment bonuses and bonuses based on personal accomplishment.

Do I have autonomy in Project L.I.F.T.?

Individual creativity is valued at Project L.I.F.T., as is teamwork. We look forward to seeing your unique personality and instructional skill shine in your lesson plans and teaching style! However, we do adhere to the same curriculum and best practices in pedagogy across our learning community.

What are the schools in Project L.I.F.T. like?

Our urban schools have been traditionally under-performing and underserved. Thanks to the leaders who made Project L.I.F.T. possible, we are transforming our schools into rigorous learning environments where exceptional teaching takes place every day. We encourage you to visit our schools and see the transformation for yourself!

What type of professional development will I receive?

We provide the highest quality professional development to our Project L.I.F.T. team members. We partner with professional organizations like CT3 and TNTP to provide the latest best practices and most effective strategies. We also cultivate our own talent for coaching and to share expertise across Project L.I.F.T. As a “,” you will learn from your peers, and you will grow as a leader as well.

Will I have a personal coach to support and develop me?

Yes, everyone in the Project L.I.F.T. learning community receives coaching! From teachers and principals to the learning community superintendent, we all work to improve and make a larger impact. Most often, teachers are coached and supported by teacher-leaders who have a proven track record of success. Their job is to help you grow to your highest potential, but they are also responsible for the growth of your students.

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