Our Partners

Project L.I.F.T. has worked with these nationally-recognized partners to bring scholars the best in education.


CT3 has transformed the way our teachers manage their classrooms and increase high expectations for our scholars. More than professional development, CT3 provides coaching to our leadership and a framework for improving school culture. Our educators have grown and begun to thrive thanks to CT3 programs including No-Nonsense Nurturer and Real Time Teacher Coaching.

Public Impact

A national education policy and management consulting firm, Public Impact is the originator of the Opportunity Culture Model. With their support and guidance, we launched Opportunity Culture in four Project L.I.F.T. schools in 2013. Public Impact has also supported Project L.I.F.T. in research and reporting.

Research for Action

Our research partner, Research for Action dives deeply into data to help Project L.I.F.T. leaders understand the impact our investments have made. Thanks to their thorough analysis, we understand the story behind the numbers so we can make better strategic decisions for our families and scholars.

Resolve Talent Consulting

Dan Swartz of Resolve has helped us recruit and retain exceptional teachers. Swartz partnered with Public Impact to establish Opportunity Culture which gives excellent teachers the ability to extend their reach as multi-classroom leaders, with greater responsibility and higher pay. Our schools, once hard to staff, are now a magnet for teachers wanting to grow professionally while impacting more students.


Formally The New Teacher Project, TNTP’s mission is to end the injustice of educational inequality by providing excellent teachers to the students. They provide coaching to our educators and support our math and literacy instructional focus.  .

The Potts Group

Jacotron Potts is a valued member of Project L.I.F.T.’s Community Engagement team. Potts supports families in crisis and lifts up scholars whose potential has not yet been tapped.