How Opportunity Culture has impacted me

Thanks so much to Ms. Stacie Bunn, a Multi-Classroom Leader at Thomasboro, who was among our first team members to be selected for Opportunity Culture

She was able to make the position her own, and feels the work is incredibly meaningful. Read Stacie’s blog and consider joining our team.

How Opportunity Culture has impacted me
By Stacie Bunn
MCL, Thomasboro Academy

If you feel like you need a new challenge in your career, but love teaching, Opportunity Culture has the job for you. You will not just grow a class full of students or an entire grade level, but you will be able to impact multiple teachers, grade levels and hundreds of students.

If I could use one word to describe my job, I would say it’s “meaningful.” I have been part of Opportunity Culture for the last four years. I am classified as a Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) for Thomasboro Academy and have enjoyed every minute of it. Every day is a new challenge and growth moment for me, the teachers and the students we impact. When I first started this role there was not a set idea on what it would look like. This allowed me the opportunity to work with the administration team and tweak my role to best meet the needs of our school.

I taught for 15 years before entering into this role, during which I had several teachers help me grow professionally. I was thrilled that I would be able to do this for others in my new role as a Science MCL. I feel that my best quality has been my growth mindset. I have always loved learning and have been reflective about what works for different students. These two skills have supported me in this role as well.

I will not say that this job is easy or that I get everything done during school hours, but I will say it is rewarding. It pushes me to be knowledgeable about content that I may not have taught. I am always looking into strategies that engage all learners and will have the most impact for students. I take my teachers’ data to heart and treat it like my own. Their success is my success, but their failure is also mine. I have learned to lead with the heart and assume the best in all teachers and students. Project L.I.F.T. helped me become a better leader by supporting me with extra training specific to my needs. This enabled me to support teachers. I learned how to observe teachers, assess their needs and provide next steps that would make the most impact. I was able to bond with my teachers, listen to their needs and help find solutions to improve student success.

My principal, Jan McIver, has also supported me with opportunities that I didn’t have before. She continues to push me to get better and supports me with my future goals. My job continues to change each year as the school needs change and develop. I now support Science, Social Studies and Technology for Thomasboro.

I have found meaning in my work and work hard to support others. I wouldn’t trade this job for the world because it is what I love.


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